Enjoy Uncertainty by creativity

There can be times we can be confused between the path one has chosen though it appears to be the real purpose upon its path you may uncover that there is something more which has to be discovered. It’s a situation, which would carry mixed emotions, for instance happiness of discovering ‘my Purpose’ and sadness of not finding IT the real thing. One will have moments of self-doubt and questions for example- is it a lifetime journey of discovering and still discovering. It may be a moment that the self-belief may take a setback.

The good news is that there is a way to handle it: be confident that it’s the right path. These kind of thoughts will pour in and its OK. It is imperative to consistently operate on the work in hand or on the immediate goal, which will unfold the next chapter of the journey. The succeeding discovery may be an outcome of the present voyage. Never wait for the perfect moment to arrive. The expedition of life will not be smooth, in terms of path, conditions, finances, support systems etc. Continue showing up as that action and its reaction will be creating the momentum and sense of fulfillment, which is important.

Embrace the uncertainty and be creative as the final outcome will be the final destination for you. Believe and trust.

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