Expect the unexpected:

Expect the unexpected:

I usually like a planned day, everything has to be defined & proper preparation done for any activity scheduled. While most of the things go as per the plan but there are a few slips. Now these are the ones which would make me angry and turn into a blaming monster. The perfectionist attitude had made me a stern mindset person. I was hardly accommodative or adjusting. One of the days when I was in the park enjoying the diversity of nature it stuck to me that I need to decipher some hidden secrets. Then the revelations happened, I wondered if the weather is not the same every day or even on the same day a year before, the planters take their own shape when free and two same planters will not attain the same height or cover same area, all the leaves don’t have the same shades or the veins…..and I, being one of the creation is limiting myself by getting bound in the schedules & time slots. Truly speaking these are the tools to improve my productivity and not to be consumed by them. These are the aids to keep me focused and not to become only the FOCUS. This thought itself made me relaxed and I could find mountain weight lifted from my shoulders. I was flexible and open to face any situation. I had the key, a solution to every situation, now.

Enjoy Uncertainty by creativity

There can be times we can be confused between the path one has chosen though it appears to be the real purpose upon its path you may uncover that there is something more which has to be discovered. It’s a situation, which would carry mixed emotions, for instance happiness of discovering ‘my Purpose’ and sadness of not finding IT the real thing. One will have moments of self-doubt and questions for example- is it a lifetime journey of discovering and still discovering. It may be a moment that the self-belief may take a setback.

The good news is that there is a way to handle it: be confident that it’s the right path. These kind of thoughts will pour in and its OK. It is imperative to consistently operate on the work in hand or on the immediate goal, which will unfold the next chapter of the journey. The succeeding discovery may be an outcome of the present voyage. Never wait for the perfect moment to arrive. The expedition of life will not be smooth, in terms of path, conditions, finances, support systems etc. Continue showing up as that action and its reaction will be creating the momentum and sense of fulfillment, which is important.

Embrace the uncertainty and be creative as the final outcome will be the final destination for you. Believe and trust.

Comparison + Self acceptance + Patience = Growth

Since childhood we have been compared for good. It turned out to be otherwise, is paradoxical. Gradually it forms a consistent habit.   The pleasure of victimhood is high in this place of comparing & we don’t want to give it up. Often our circumstances are different and so is our journey and goals. Comparing opens lot of avenues to justify ourselves. Being mindful of own strengths & weakness and positively using the same patiently can lead to growth.

Clarity of Action

“Before you begin scrambling up the ladder of success, make sure that it is leaning against the right building.”

Stephen Covey

Clarity of thought is crucial before you begin to work on any task. Write down the reasons to do it and how to do it. If you are unable to do so hire a coach or mentor, to guide you. Thrash out your ideas till you have clearness, have critical discussion with a specialist. Discuss, write.. till the time you are crystal clear about what is expected and the way it has to be done.


Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.
                                                 Elbert Hubbard


We most of the time don’t want to leave our comfort zone or actually the ‘Danger zone’ and instead come up with excuses and blame. In reality it’s the courage required to commit to the difficult schedule, doing uncomfortable actions which will definitely take us towards our goal. It requires ‘an iron will’ to be focused & own the responsibility for our actions. It’s the least price the person is paying for moving towards his own dream.

Dream Big……..


Welcome To Manju Chhabra

Manju is a certified Life Coach and a Psychological Counselor, she is also a certified International Speaker and Trainer by Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team, Fort Lauderdale, USA. She is the Founder of Cactus Lily Consulting, conducts workshops &individual coaching sessions to elevate the performance to the next level.

Some of the topics covered
❖ Stress Management
❖ Goal Setting
❖ Art of Communication
❖ Principles of Greatness
❖ Parenting Skills
❖ Balancing Life

Her basic education is B.E(Computer Engg) from NSIT, Delhi, India and MBA from Amity Business School, Noida, India. She completed M.A(Psychology) from IGNOU and Diploma in Psychological Counselling from Indian Institute of Counselling, New Delhi. Worked with Sona Software, STG Consulting & APC India. As an Advisor to Cactus Lily Enterprises, a distributor of Indian Oil Corporation(fortune 500 company) represented distributorship on Chairman Panel twice, which is a prestigious accomplishment. Apart from conducting workshops and sessions she assists voluntarily in projects of Indian Institute of Counselling(IIC) and Disabled War Veterans India(DIWAVE).